Dual Pricing Advantages and Disadvantages
Maximize Savings with Customer-Driven Pricing

The dual pricing program presents a valuable opportunity for merchants to save on processing fees across various card networks. This program allows businesses to pass on a small fee to customers who choose to pay with a credit card, effectively reducing the merchant's expenses and boosting profitability.

By implementing dual pricing, merchants can transparently shift the cost of credit card transactions to customers, either as a percentage of the transaction amount or a flat rate. This strategy enables businesses to maintain competitive pricing while still accepting card payments conveniently. It's important to note that customers who prefer alternative payment methods are not affected by the fee.

Compliance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as clear disclosure to customers, is essential when participating in the dual pricing program. Merchants should prioritize transparency to avoid confusion or dissatisfaction.

The dual pricing program empowers merchants to exercise greater control over their expenses and enjoy cost savings by passing on fees to customers who choose to pay with credit cards. Reach out to True Patriot Processing to explore how this program can help your business thrive while optimizing profitability, regardless of the card network used.

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